Helping Fitness E-com brands scale their revenue to 7 figures

By transforming their customers’ health through Google and Facebook Ads.

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Our Services

Revolution Media uses proven growth strategies for fitness E-commerce brands wanting to scale to 7 figures and beyond.

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We master facebook and google ads

A simple, powerful and  efficient process

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1. Marketing Research

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2. Execution

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3. Growth & Scale

Our Process

Marketing Research
7 Day On-Boarding Phase
  • Designing your customer avatar
  • Isolating your unique offer
  • Sales Funnel breakdown
  • Customized Audience Groups
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30 Day Initiation Phase
Designing unique Ad creatives
In-depth Ad Targeting
Emphasis on unique offer
Audience Awareness Activated
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Growth & Scale
90 Day Optimise and Scale Phase
  • Branch out with multiple selling points
  • Ceate new and improved Ad creatives
  • Optimize for scaling.
  • In depth Ad Retargeting
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My Fitness Journey

About Our Founder And CEO - Aharon Beer

On the 13th of October 2020 I was told I had Type 2 Diabetes. My world came crashing down and I wasn't sure how to fix it until I found my passion - in the gym.

A year later I decided to turn my passion for entrepreneurship and fitness into an E-Com agency where I would be able to give back to the industry that has helped me change my life.

Since the start of my fitness journey I have lost 38KG/84lbs and am living my best life.

If there is one thing I have learned about myself throughout this journey is that I am dedicated and passionate about growing my business, which is why my promise to you is to grow your businesses to 7 figures and beyond.

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Our Work Philosophy

A Custom Retargeting Blueprint For Your Fitness Brand Worth $750 For FREE!!!

Here's how it works

This is not a sales call and there is no obligation from your side, you are able to leave at any time you feel this isn't of benefit to you.
What we are offering you is a 30 minute tailor-made E-Com Growth Strategy for your Fitness Brand valued at $750...Absolutely FREE!!!
Why are we doing this? Well the fitness space is filled with great people and phenomenal businesses and we are blessed to have been able to work in this industry and would love to be able to give back.
While we enjoy giving back we are only able to offer 7 free slots a month so be sure to book you spot ASAP!